Stage 5- The bus shelter

Making the Seeds of Change project work

The idea crossed our minds that we might be able ask Hull City Council if we could commission Si2 to graffiti the bus shelter outside of Wilberforce College. Initially we thought we might be able to promote healthy lifestyle choices in the wider community and link in with Si2’s artwork and our edible campus in college.

After consultation with HCC and the local council ward, it was suggested that Hull City Council would pay for the bus shelter to be turned around 180° (to meet regulations for the Perspex window being covered) and for Si2 to paint it. Result!

In fact if this shelter is a success, they will roll the idea out across the city to another 20 or so sites in time for Hull becoming City of Culture in 2017. The only conditions on this were that the art work could not be branded as being part of Wilberforce College and it must reflect the local community.

The image of a dolphin might not exactly be what springs to mind when you think of the locals, but you have to admit some do look a bit fishy!  Images of healthy lifestyle choices or not, the smile that this aquarium and its friendly occupants brings to your face is good for your health. The dolphin even looks like it’s swimming through Wilberforce College, if you view it from across the road. We planted the seed and change is happening!