We have just planted:

20 bare rooted, 2 year old Glen Lyon Raspberry Canes. These were chosen because they are an early variety so will produce fruit within college term time.

This is a self-fertile, thornless raspberry that produces a large amount of  rounded, glossy fruit that’ taste delicious and are ready in early June.  Glen Lyon will often produce a second crop in autumn- bonus!

(To pick the fruit grasp each berry carefully with thumb and forefinger, and pull gently- when ripe)

25 Elsanta Strawberry Plants (bare rooted). We have chosen this variety for the following reasons:

  1. They have large, sweet, red, juicy fruits that taste sublime when freshly picked.
  2. They are a ‘mid season’ strawberry- ready to pick during term time  (June- July)
  3. They are fully hardy- so can be left in the ground over winter.

1 litre pot Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb. This will produce ‘fruit’ from May onwards. It is a hardy plant- so can be left in the ground over winter. Roots can be split every 2 years to increase harvest. Rhubarb crumble anyone?

2 x 2 litre pots Loch Ness Bramble (blackberry fruits). We chose this plant because it is thornless, easy to grow and will produce fruit from mid/ late August until the first autumn frosts. The berries are large, glossy black and are very tasty.

Jo-Anna Cottage Plants were so impressed with our project that they gave us an extra blackberry plant for free.

Thank you Anna