Feeling inspired? Get involved!

We are growing a greener and more interesting college grounds and would love for you to design it. We need volunteers who are studying on any course at whatever level to put forward ideas about how we can grow food around the college campus. We want to reconnect us all with the food we eat in an interesting and fun way that puts your ideas at the heart of our inclusive and successful college community,

One of the main focuses of this project is to turn unexpected  objects into weird and wonderful growing containers. In short we want to you to ‘Funk Up Your Junk’  and then grow things out of it around college.

To get you thinking, local graffiti artist Si2 has helped us to upcycle an old filing cabinet from the exams office, which now has chillie and strawberry plants growing out of it ! He also helped us design our eye catching Seeds of Change display showcase which includes; a raised herb planter made from an old pallet, peas grown in buckets, pumpkins in tins and herbs in shirts, just to mention a few of the things that you can feast your eyes on..

We want to encourage you to think more about the impacts of our food choices on our wellbeing and  on our planet’s health.  We want you to take an active role in shaping the way Wilberforce College looks and feels. Food is our fuel and has the potential to make us all feel great!

Part of being a young adult means taking responsibility for your own actions, but it also involves playing an active role in shaping the world that you want to live in.  If we all take responsibility for creating and maintaining an ‘Edible Campus’, then who knows what may grow out of it! Together we are stronger, healthier and happier people, together we are Wilberforce College.

Having already planted the F-block orchard we are keen to keep things moving. We need your ideas, designs and enthusiasm . One of the next things we are doing is designing and building an upcycled greenhouse made from used plastic drinks bottles, want to help?

Express your interest in shaping the look and feel of Wilberforce College by emailing tjb@wilberforce.ac.uk. or jn@wilberforce.ac.uk. Make the subject of your email ‘seeds of change’ and we will be back in touch with you to meet up to share ideas in an informal creative workshop with Si2.